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Many of my customers have confusions about electric heat strips so thought i’d write this blog to keep my fellow fayetteville residents from a possible not-so-pleasant-surprise this winter.

If you’ve already turned your heat on this winter and have felt heat coming out of the vents it does not necessarily mean your heat is working. Heat pumps are built with backup heat to kick in should the compressor fail. this backup heat is actually a set of electric heat strips which heat the house well but cost a small fortune to run.

The average heat pump has 10,000 watts of heat strips that kick in to support the compressor. if your unit is low on freon these heat strips could be running constantly. Not sure 10,000 watts measures up? Imagine if you had an average home with 7 rooms (including kitchen, bathrooms, dining room and bedrooms) and you decided to put 100 watt bulbs in every room. if you had three bulbs in every room and turned them all on at the same time you would be running about 2,100 watts. That is merely a fraction of the 10,000 watts your heat strips will be pulling. A simple seasonal service of your equipment will reveal if this situation is happening on your homes hvac system. Call around, get some prices and remember we are also here to help. Our current prices for a seasonal service is $130 but are running a special until november for $95.


A/C Man Heating and Air (910) 797 4287

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